Qualities of an excellent video downloader


Nowadays, you do not need to buy music videos, movies, and clips from a retail shop in a disk. In fact, you only need your device like a computer and a good video downloader like Freemake video downloader. With several video downloading software it can be very confusing to get the right one. Some are sold while some are downloaded for free from the Internet. You can enjoy watching HD videos that are posted on millions of sites by downloading them into your device. In regard to this, you need to download youtube videos MP4 here free online to help you save the video to your device. Continue reading to comprehend some of the qualities of a good video downloader.

Download speed

22mnbjkvnjcnblkFirst of all, an excellent video downloader should be built in a way that it can download HD video from various sites at a relatively high speed. You do not want a download manager that will keep you waiting for hours or even days to download a simple clip. It should also display the speed at which it downloads the video files on the download list. Speed is measured either in Kb/s or MB/s. With the presence of the multi-thread technology, a good downloader should take at least five minutes to complete downloading a one hour HD video.

File formats

Another important thing to consider is the array of download format that the downloader renders. A good download manager should offer many download options. Also, it should download the video as they were initially uploaded to the websites without re-encoding. Some of the formats include MP4, 3GP, FLV and WebM formats. It should also have the ability to rip online links to MKV, WMV, AVI, iPhone, and Android phones. Consequently, it should be able to download video from several sites at a go without difficulties.

The conversion feature

A good video download manager should possess additional features like the one for converting all the downloaded videos of all formats. You may download a video and later need to convert it to mp3 so that it can be played on your mp3 player or any other device that may not support the video format. This makes it easier for you to manipulate the video and get the most out the video downloader.

Contact support

It is said that no system or software work 100% without hiccups. Therefore, you need a video downloader that cares about its users. Thus they will provide a contact support button for inquiries or suggestions. This will help them improve the software and address issues when the need arises.


Also, an excellent video downloader will be working hard towards improving the software from time to time. You do not want to miss the new features that are incorporated into a new version of the application that you are using. Therefore, it should have a pace where you can tap to check for any new updates for the software.


33hiofhgiofioA good video downloader should be compatible with many devices. For the case of computers, the software should be created in a way that it can work well in any version of windows. It should also work correctly on computers with AMD, Intel, and other standard processors. It should also work within a framework of at least 250 MB of RAM. The set up should not be bigger than 200MB because large setups will consume a lot of space.

Mute ads

Most people do like ads. Therefore, a well-built application should provide their user the ability unwanted mute ads if any. This will ensure that you not distracted by pop-up ads that are evident in most downloader managers.

Player, pause and resume options

It should enable one to pause and resume the download activity. A good download manager should contain an inbuilt player to play the downloaded video. This makes it easier for the user to test if the videos are complete.