Prepare with the Right Infant Car Seat

Prepare with the Right Infant Car Seat

When preparing for the baby’s arrival, the question of choosing a baby car seat arises quickly and for good reason: it is essential. Compulsory upon leaving the maternity ward, the baby car seat is not easy to choose pack n play with changing table. The most important thing to consider when buying a car seat is to consider, first and foremost, the age and weight of your child. For the protection systems of each car seat to be as effective as possible, it must adapt perfectly to the morphology of your baby at each stage of its growth. Using a car seat greatly reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of an accident. Here is our buying guide to help you find the best infant car seat.

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The Different Groups of Baby Car Seats

What is the use of homologation of car seats?

Above all European, regulations ensure that a car seat provides a sufficient level of protection for the child in the event of an accident. It should be remembered that in France, a child under 10 must be maintained by an approved restraint system specific to his age, weight and morphology. Approval is compulsory for all car seats sold within the European Union. It is indicated on each car seat by a specific orange label , which contains all the essential information relating to the two regulations currently in force in Europe: R129 (i-Size) and ECE R44 .

Regulation R129 (i-Size): classification of baby car seats according to the size of the child

The R129 or i-Size regulation is a new European standard that came into force on July 9, 2013 . It aims to further strengthen the requirements for the safety of children in the car. The aim of this new European regulation is to generalize the use of the ISOFIX fixing system, to extend the obligatory period of rearward-facing installation for children up to the age of 15 months and to ensure better protection. in the event of a frontal or side collision . The i-Size regulations also change the classification criteria for car seats, which will now be based on the size of the child and no longer of its weight.

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Do You Have to Opt for an i-Size Car Seat?

Although i-Size approved car seats provide a higher level of safety than R44 / 04 approved models, regulations do not require consumers to purchase or replace their current car seat with an i-Size approved model. . The two legislations being, for the moment, brought to coexist several years, the parents can continue to choose a baby car seat approved i-Size (R129) or an approved model R44 / 04.

How to Choose the Right Baby Car Seat?

To find the most suitable car seat for your children, several criteria must be taken into account to guide you in your choice.

Child’s Weight and Height

This is the first criterion to take into account when making your choice. A baby car seat must above all be perfectly adapted to the morphology of your child to be fully effective. Depending on the size and weight of each child, manufacturers offer different models of car seats designed to meet their needs at different stages of their growth. To choose a car seat approved under the R129 (i-Size) regulation, you will have to rely on the size of your child to determine the type of car seat that will suit him. Conversely, for the choice of a model approved under the R44 / 04 regulation, it is its weight who will determine the correct group.

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