How to install ShowBox on PC

ShowBox allows you to stream videos on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Its use has gained momentum in the recent periods as it can do things that previous video streaming apps were not able to do. In this article, I will give a step-by-step guide of how to install ShowBox on PC and enjoy its video streaming capabilities.tyyjtrtrty5

Get everything ready

For starters, don’t forget that ShowBox is an Android app. This means that several modifications have to be made for it to be installed on your PC that runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 or even 8.1. Precisely, you need an Android emulator. That is why it is important to prepare adequately for the installation. You need to install either the Arc Welder extension on Google Chrome or the BlueStacks App Player on your PC before you can install ShowBox. You can also install other emulators such as KoPlayer for PC. If you already have Google Chrome installed on your PC, it is easy to add the Arc Welder extension. You just download it and click on the ‘Add To Chrome’ option at the top right corner. If you do not have Google Chrome, you need to download and install it first. Alternatively, you can go the BlueStacks or KoPlayer way. Download the BlueStacks App player or KoPlayer for PC and install it so that it can allow you to install ShowBox.

Download ShowBox

Once the operating system of your PC is ready to have ShowBox, download it on your computer ready for installation. You can also have it on external storage devices such a CD or flash disk. ShowBox download is available as an APK file.

Install ShowBox

There are fewer steps in installing ShowBox using BlueStacks App player than there are when the ARC welder is used. Indeed, with BlueStacks, you just need to the right click on ShowBox’s APK file and choose the option ‘Open with BlueStacks APK installer:’ Once it opens, you will be free to stream TV shows of your choice for free.

Installing ShowBox using the Google ARC welder

456u64t3rAs noted earlier, this procedure is a bit more involving, especially if you don’t have the Google browser starting off. You have to download and install it on your PC. Once Google Chrome is installed, and ARC welder added, now you need to launch the app (ARC welder) and save it in the right folder for future reference. If it has loaded properly, it will take you to the next level itself. You will be prompted to test your APK file, which is the ShowBox app. Once you have loaded the ShowBox app on ARC welder, you can then use it. Several modifications can be made while testing the app on the ARC welder extension. However, for simplicity, you can set all the options to default settings.

Other options of installing ShowBox on your PC

The overall procedure of installation of ShowBox on your PC will depend on the Android emulators available to you as well as the features of other programs installed on your PC. For instance, instead of the ARC welder, you can use twerk, which is an app packager to install ShowBox on your PC. Installation of ShowBox for windows is also different from the installation of the same app on other OS platforms and devices like the MAC.

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