Common Issues Facing Android Lollipop

There are many devices which are using the Lollipop operating system. Lollipop is one of the spectacular operating systems for Android. It s designed with many amazing features making it a perfect and an exceptional operating system. This article is going to discuss the different issues facing Lollipop OS and how to fix them.

Rapid battery drain

This is one of the Android’s Lollipop issues which have been disturbing many users. It is a problem which occurs when the battery is drained fast. This issue is solved by updating the Lollipop OS. Regular update is helpful in extending the battery’s life.  Updating the applications will also ensure that your Factory resetting the device is also used in solving fixing this issue.


Crashing applications

There is a memory leak that was introduced by Lollipop update which has lead to many problems. This issue has lead to crashing of applications. It has also lead to lagging in the user interface. Any lag in the user interface is known for causing the OS to stop even without warning the user. Even if leak is not noticeable in the high-end device, it can lead to serious problems in the older devices. This problem can be solved temporarily by rebooting your device. This is a temporary solution since lag will return after some time. Clearing your Google’ play data can also help in solving this issue. Crashing of apps and lagging of the UI is solved permanently once the Google update is released officially.


Camera not working

This is another Android issue which affects some people. The affected individuals are frustrated by this problem. You will find many people who are complaining about the camera’s button disappearing. When this happens, it becomes extremely difficult to switch your front camera. Some of the effective solutions used in solving these problems include

  • Restarting your device and then opening the application
  • Stopping your camera application forcefully from the settings and then clearing its data and cache. This is followed by restating your device
  • Factory resetting your device
  • Wiping the cache of your device

Audio call issues

It is only a few people who are faced with problem. Individuals having such phones will have difficulties when listening to the callers and vice versa making it impossible for the use to receive calls. Some of the potential solutions to these problems include;

  • Restarting the phone
  •  Using the Bluetooth headset




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